How to get eco bags for your next trip to the beach

Get a cheap eco bag for your beach trip.

Green eco bags will be available on the shores of Queensland and New South Wales starting Monday, as part of a nationwide promotion.

Cabinet Office and Environment Minister Steven Miles said the Government was committed to reducing emissions from our electricity generation, which will make our beaches safer and more pleasant.

“We want our beaches to be safe, beautiful, healthy and green,” Mr Miles said.

The Government has launched a nationwide initiative called Green Eco Bags, which is designed to encourage people to buy eco bags from retailers.

It includes bags made of recycled paper, paper towels, paper bags and recycled glass.

Mr Miles said it was important to use eco bags responsibly.

“It’s a great idea, a great way to reduce your emissions and help make our country cleaner and green, and I’m proud that the Government is taking a leadership role in it,” he said.

“We’ve got more than 100,000 tonnes of plastic in the world, and the majority of that is used in the manufacture of consumer goods and the packaging that goes into our products.”

Mr Miles confirmed the Government would consider the green eco bag when it released the 2020 budget on February 1.

He said it would be available at all Australian retailers, and there would be an entry price of $100.

What are eco bags?

Green Eco Bagging bags can be bought in grocery stores, gas stations and petrol stations.

They are made of cardboard, paper and recycled plastic.

A range of different colours will be offered, and a sticker will be affixed to the bag.

One of the benefits of eco bags is that they can be stored in an enclosed space.

You can take them with you on your beach excursion and take them out to dinner.

Many retailers will sell eco bags in the supermarket, or in a bin on the beach.

Baggage can also be picked up at the end of your trip, with an eco bag costing about $5.

Costs for eco bags range from $50 to $200.

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