How to buy eco bags in India

With its green image and focus on sustainability, the United Nations has taken notice of India’s eco-friendly approach to its fashion and lifestyle.

India’s fashion and cosmetics industries are one of the most promising sectors for growth.

One of the biggest reasons is the country’s highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and eco-conscious fashion culture, said Anand Sharma, senior partner at the Fashion & Design Institute of India (FDEI).

“The country’s focus on sustainable fashion is a big step forward in terms of the consumer, and it’s really important to understand the industry and its sustainability,” he said.

FDEI has compiled a list of 50 eco-focused fashion brands across India, with each brand highlighted on the list with its own hashtag.

Below are the 50 brands featured in this article.


A local brand, is the most eco-oriented fashion brand in India.

Its eco-branded clothes are made with sustainable materials.

The brand has been in the Indian fashion market for the last three years and is on the global fashion list with over 100,000 followers.

It has been listed on Forbes India, People, and New York Fashion Week’s Best 100 Fashion Brands list.

Its latest campaign was launched in February.

2. .

Founded by Indian entrepreneur, Prabhu Bhattacharya, was launched by Indian designer, Gopal Gopal.

Its mission is to empower the Indian consumers by providing them with more eco-fashion options.

The company’s eco clothing, jewellery and accessories, as well as its fashion collection, is made in India and the company is one of few eco brands to have a presence in South Africa, China, Thailand and Singapore.

3. The brand’s eco clothes are eco-certified.

It is a new label in the fashion and accessories space, with a focus on eco-curation and sustainable design.

It aims to provide eco-design and fashion to the people, said Kishore Agrawal, co-founder and chief executive officer at Bhast.

“Bhast has been working on the Indian market for over 10 years and has a great vision to change the fashion industry,” he added.

4., the fashion design brand of LANG.LANGKowSKI is an eco-minded brand, focusing on high quality eco-quality materials and eco materials.

It was founded by the founder of the brand, Shrikant Lohan.

The focus is on eco fashion and fashion products, which are made in a sustainable manner.

5. has been launched in India by Dhananjay Jagodia.

Its focus is eco-trendy, high-end and high-quality products.

Its design team has also been working for many years in the eco fashion industry.

6. , a brand based in India, has been making eco-inspired fashion since 2007.

It specializes in eco-styled clothing and eco accessories.

7. LESS is a brand focused on eco design, fashion and luxury goods, which also focuses on eco sourcing.

8. offers eco-products to fashion consumers.

Its designers, in partnership with fashion companies, work closely with fashion brands to create eco-approved products.

9. focuses on fashion, luxury and eco products.

The site has a large selection of eco-themed fashion and products.

10. and have been working in the retail space for over ten years.

Its aim is to provide innovative and eco fashion products and accessories to the Indian consumer.

11. specializes in affordable fashion accessories, eco-wear and fashion apparel for women.

12. also offers eco clothing and accessories.

13. provides eco clothing to the market through a range of eco products and apparel, with the aim of offering eco-fashion to the consumers.

14. deals in eco products from eco-based brands.

15. serves the eco-market by providing eco-product and eco goods.


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