When Harrods Eco Bag goes back to green: India

The Indian retail giant has decided to return to its green image after nearly two decades of being seen as a global leader in eco bags.

The world’s largest e-commerce retailer said Friday it is returning to the eco bag after the world’s biggest online retailer, Amazon, agreed to spend $100 million to purchase and develop eco-friendly products in India.

Harrods said it would develop a new eco-bag for sale in the Indian market.

The new eco bag will be called Eco C. It will feature an all-new design, with its own water-resistant, carbon-neutral, water-efficient design and water-proofing technology.

The product will be available at stores across India in 2019.

Harrobds, the world leader in affordable luxury brands, will make the eco-bags available through Amazon.

The Indian online retailer will manufacture the eco bags at its own factory in Bangalore.

It’s the latest step in Harroards efforts to get its eco bags into more markets and reach more consumers.

In August, it announced a partnership with eco-brand Dabur.

The partnership allows Harroys to sell its eco-bags at Dabu stores across the world.

In India, the company has invested $250 million to develop eco bags for its customers and is working on a series of eco bags that can be worn on the outside of the clothes they wear.

Harriotds’ decision to return reflects the company’s renewed focus on sustainability, said Rajesh Patel, the chief executive of Harroords.

He said the eco model that the brand is embracing in India will help it attract more customers.

In addition, HarroDS plans to partner with more e-tailers in the country to further increase the availability of eco-wear, Patel said.

The eco-branded Harroids eco bags, which are made of a combination of recycled materials, will be sold by Harroots stores in India and by other retailers.

The eco bags will also be available to customers in the United States and Europe, Patel added.

Patel said the company will continue to develop new eco bags in India as part of its commitment to sustainability.

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