How to save the planet by packing eco-friendly bags for the commute

A London-based designer has created a smart bag for commuters that packs eco-consciously.

Eco tote bags are already a standard feature of the modern commute, and this one is made with recycled plastic.

It uses eco-grade technology to keep the contents lightweight and airtight.

It’s called Eco totes.

The bag, made by the designers Design+Culture, has an eco-tote-like shape and features a looped pocket in the front.

You can use the tote to carry your smartphone or tablet and your wallet.

This is one of the first eco-tote bags to be available in London, and it’s currently only available in a limited edition, with a price tag of £250.

It also features an air vent on the bottom of the bag, so you can keep your clothes and shoes dry and clean.

Design+ Culture is an independent London design studio based in West Hampstead.

The design team, who work out of a studio in the city centre, recently released a limited-edition eco-bag for Londoners.

The bags come in four different styles, each with its own unique design.

They come in the classic black and white design, the eco-green design, eco-red design, and eco-yellow design.

These designs are all available to buy for £125 each.

The London eco-bags are designed by the London-born designer Daniela Kielczyk, who studied at the School of Design at St Andrews University.

The company, which was founded by Kielbzyk and a group of fellow Londoners, has previously worked on bags and accessories for the fashion industry, including a London-inspired tote for the brand LockerRoom.

Here’s how to use the London eco bag to travel with the comfort of your own bag:

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