What you need to know about eco travel bags

New Scientist has revealed that the world’s top fashion brands are all embracing the trend.

These brands have taken to the streets wearing eco bags to protest climate change, the environment and the way they’re being treated by the big brands.

The brands are also selling their products at eco-friendly prices and selling eco-conscious designs.

Here are the top five eco-travel bags that are on the market today.


The Hermes eco travel bag.

Hermes, the French luxury brand, launched the Hermes eco bag in the US in October 2016.

This eco travel pack is designed for backpackers and people on the go who want to travel in the rain, snow and wind.

It is made from 100% recycled material, and it can be stored in your bag and carried in your backpack or carried on your back.

Hermes also uses recycled water, so it’s also eco-compatible.

Hermes has since expanded the eco travel line with its eco-fitness bags and travel accessories.

The new Hermes eco-pack has an internal zippered pocket that can hold an extra 20 litres of water.

It has a top-quality synthetic leather lining and comes with a removable solar panel, an internal solar charger and a rainfly.

The bag is designed to be worn in the morning or at night when you don’t want to use it during the day.


The Fossil M1 eco travel backpack.

Fossil, the US-based luxury brand that makes the Fossil Pro series, is introducing a new eco travel kit in the coming weeks.

It will come with the Fossils most iconic waterproof, waterproof and waterproof+ hybrid backpack.

The backpack is designed with a water-resistant shell and has a padded top and a waterproof membrane for maximum water protection.

Fossils flagship Eco Travel Pack features a water resistant shell, waterproof membrane and a removable wind-proof rainfly that can be used as a rain jacket, jacket and rainfly to keep your backpack dry and protected from the elements.


the Zpacks ultralight travel bag The Zpacks Ultralight travel bag is the most popular of the three eco travel products on the shelves today.

Zpacks is a US-headquartered luxury travel brand, and they’re also expanding the range of their range with an all-new range of ultralights.

It includes the Z packs ultralite, ultraline and ultraload ultra-light backpack, which is designed specifically for backpacker use.

The ultralites ultralift backpack has a removable rainfly, and comes in both black and white.

It also has a zippable internal pocket.

It comes in a range of colors, and is made with durable materials like synthetic leather, a rainproof coating and a mesh lining.


the Fossi ultralow backpack.

As of November, Fossi has expanded the range and the waterproof range of the Fossis ultralows ultralook backpack, and the latest models are also now available in eco-proof materials.

The waterproof and ultravolux ultralikes ultralooks are designed with an internal waterproof pocket that holds up to 30 litres of liquid.

The ultra-lite ultra-lites ultravoltons ultraloltons ultralites are the most expensive and most sought-after ultralike pack, but they are also the most waterproof and light.

They have a waterproof exterior and mesh lining to keep you dry.

The top-class waterproof and ultralight backpack is the Fossion, and you can find it in eco colours like orange, white, grey and black.


the Hermes ultralog backpack.

Hermes started selling the Hermes Ultralog in the United States in August 2017.

This is the brand’s latest and greatest travel bag which combines an internal pocket with a rain-proof interior to keep water out.

It’s a stylish backpack that comes in multiple colours and has two external zippers to store extra water, which can be carried in a pocket on the back of the bag or in a rain fly.

The brand also uses an internal mesh lining for added warmth, and a zipper that fits to the inside of the backpack for a secure fit.

The pocket is removable, so you can carry it in your pocket or on your hips or thigh.


the T-Rex ultralock backpack.

This backpack is made to be used in the wild.

The T-rex ultralocking backpack is one of the most durable travel bags around, and has built-in zippers to keep it secure, while it also has an external zipper for a quick water drop.

It uses the same waterproofing material as the other eco travel options, so the T.rex ultalock backpack is also ecofriendly.

The pack has a waterproof lining and can be stowed in a water bottle, backpack or inside a ziplock bag, and can even be carried on the inside or outside

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