How to make eco eco diapers and other eco bags bangladesh

By Nivedita Kulkarni | 14 November 2017 09:15:16Bangladesh is set to become the first country in the world to get an eco-eco bag in 2018.

In a bid to curb pollution, the government will launch a nationwide scheme called eco-ecodecodes, to sell eco-bags, eco eco-fiber cloth, eco-laundry detergent, eco solar panels, eco food packs, eco cookers, eco toothbrushes and other goods in stores across the country.

The initiative will offer eco-bags, eco diapers, eco cloth, and eco-food packs in retail stores, restaurants and other stores.

The products will be free of mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxins, and will not be shipped in sealed plastic bags.

The new initiative will also help curb the use of plastic in the country, according to a statement from the ministry of environment and forest.

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