Why I am a vegan for a better life

I’ve always been an animal rights activist, but when I was in middle school I started to learn about veganism more and more.

I was inspired by the idea that the planet is so precious that we all have a responsibility to protect it.

In college, I started a vegan organization and made friends with a few other students.

Eventually, I decided to become a vegan myself.

I’ve been vegan since 2010 and I’m glad I did, because I was really able to learn a lot about vegan activism and to understand how the vegan movement is not just about killing animals, but also about the cruelty of factory farming.

I’ve always loved the idea of making ethical choices and doing good things for the environment.

In fact, I believe that I’ve chosen a good path.

When I’m not making vegan products, I’m a huge fan of the arts and arts education.

I started going to the local theaters and reading and learning from great writers and artists.

I also read a lot of poetry and I’ve also studied history.

I love reading about animal rights and the issues of the day.

I’m also passionate about animals in general.

I think the fact that I’m vegan makes me feel more comfortable with who I am.

When I first started veganism, I was struggling to eat vegan.

I tried to cook and eat vegan at first but it just wasn’t an option for me.

I just wanted to eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, but I just wasn

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