‘I’m a little bit depressed’: A homeless man shares his thoughts on the UK

An international man is living in a plastic bag that he says is his home, but it is in fact the stuff of a “cute eco-bag” that has become his home.

In a video posted to Facebook by one of his fellow travellers, a man named David tells of living in the plastic bag in London for six months.

He says he doesn’t feel like a “normal” homeless person in the UK, and has been unable to afford food or shelter, let alone accommodation.

“The bag is a lot smaller than a normal backpack and is a little cheaper,” he said.

“But it’s a very small bag and it’s also got a little hole that you can put your food and things in, so it’s kind of like a tiny room, but with a lot of space and it doesn’t really feel like the same thing as a normal room.”

David told Al Jazeera the bag contains his favourite foods and the most important things.

“Food is one thing.

If I have a really good meal and it was really good, I’m happy because I know it’s my favourite food,” he explained.”

And then also things like, well, I don’t want to use the toilet, I need to wash it, so that’s another thing.

It’s a lot more important than money and it keeps me motivated to get back to the city and to get my job and to stay out of trouble.”‘

It feels good’David is one of thousands of homeless people around the world, according to the charity Shelter.

The group estimates that there are over 500,000 homeless people in the world.

“There’s a large percentage of people that are living in extreme poverty, living in poverty in some form or another,” Shelter’s director, Ben Knee, told Al Jazeeras.

“And they don’t get the support that they deserve.”

Knee explained that homeless people often lack resources such as housing, food and clothing, and many often find themselves living in temporary or makeshift shelters that are often run by other homeless people.

“It’s an extremely harsh environment for people who are living on the streets,” he added.

“Many homeless people have experienced physical abuse at home, sexual assault and they often don’t have access to healthcare and medical facilities that they need to get the medical attention that they are getting.”

“So they have to live in these makeshift spaces.”

Knee said the UK has a number of ways to help homeless people, including: “a social housing scheme, where they’re given housing and services for six weeks or so and then they move into permanent accommodation, they get food stamps, they are able to access a job, they have access and support for their children, and they can access mental health services and other services for their mental health.”

“And they’re also able to get help with getting their belongings out of the bag and to a shelter so they can be able to start a new life.”‘

I’m just looking out for my family’David said he’s looking out to the future and to his family, including his sister and her children.

He said that when he first moved into the plastic plastic bag, he was worried about losing his apartment, but that the people who lived in the area around him were friendly and supportive.

“They were all really nice to me,” he told Al Jamestown.

“I don’t know if it was the environment or the environment was helping, but I think it helped me to feel like I could stay there and make friends, to have that connection.”

“I was looking out towards the future, towards the friends and the family who I’ve never really had, and it just gave me the confidence that I could make friends and be a good person, and be able go and live the life that I wanted.”

Keen to help others, David has set up a Facebook group called Shelter and has set it up to help other homeless homeless people find the support they need.

“I have a very simple goal, I have set a very short amount of money in this money that I have, and I hope that this can help other people in similar situations,” he stated.

“There are so many people that I’ve met and the support and the understanding and the care and the help that I can give, I just need to reach the people that need it.”‘

We’re all looking out’Since David began filming the video, he has received numerous messages from people who have taken his video as inspiration.

“We’re so grateful for him and the video,” Knee said.

If you’re not prepared to listen to the stories of people who’ve been homeless, who have experienced that, you”

We’re looking at each other, we need to see each other in our daily lives and not only that but in the future.”

“If you’re not prepared to listen to the stories of people who’ve been homeless, who have experienced that, you

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