Manu and his green friends are back with a new eco-friendly collection

JAMARA, Philippines – It may be the greenest thing ever but the city in Indonesia is home to a very special group of eco-savvy friends.

On Sunday, June 23, at the city’s Eco Village, Manu Jangbirah and his crew were joined by fellow green entrepreneurs, including a couple of newbies to the eco-bag business.

Manu is the founder of the Eco Village and a resident of the town.

He said the first Eco Village was founded in 2003 as a place to teach people about sustainability.

“We started out with one bag and now we have around 100 bags and we have people from different walks of life coming to our Eco Village.

It’s a place for us to share our knowledge and we hope to grow this eco-village.”

Manu said the Eco-Village is the place where people can learn about sustainability and take the steps to be environmentally conscious.

“The Eco Village is also a place where we can make a difference and make a contribution,” he added.

Jangbiri said he wanted to expand his Eco Village to make it more like the traditional eco-tourism in other parts of Indonesia.

He said he was inspired by a recent visit to the country by one of his customers.

“I came here and met the lady who said that she went to the Eco Village with her son.

She said that it was very interesting to see the eco village and that the kids there were very eco-aware,” Jangbe said.

Jangbe is planning to open another Eco Village in the future.

The Eco-Touristy in Manu’s village, the Eco Villa, was established in 2003 and is one of several eco-destinations in the country, including the city of Medan and nearby cities of Muda, Matakak, Bagan, and Pembu.

As of today, the eco tourism industry in Indonesia accounts for around 15 percent of GDP.

Jongbiri believes the eco tourists are more environmentally conscious than the locals because of their own cultural values.

One of his Eco Villages, the Tarpan Eco Village (tarpan), was opened in 2008 in Medan.

At the Tampan Eco Villager, locals are also more eco-conscious.

The Eco Villa is one place where the local people can show off their eco-awareness and make the eco lifestyle a reality.

There are also eco-tea and tea shops in the eco villages, which are open to the public and have green coffee and tea available.

The eco-villas have a cafe and a small market.

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