Hermes Eco Bag to Be Available for Sale, It Says Source Wired title You can now get a Hermes Eco bag from the company that made it, it says

The latest version of Hermes has launched a new design, and it makes some big changes.

The Hermes Eco is the company’s newest model, but its predecessor is still available.

The new model has a few new things going for it, including a slightly smaller and lighter frame and an extra flap to hold your iPhone, iPad, and laptop.

It’s available now in black and silver, and has a $199 starting price.

The company also added the option to upgrade to a different leather option.

The main changes to the Hermes Eco are the new design and the new flap.

The flap is made of a soft, soft rubber that’s softer than the leather, which means it won’t slip or slide around.

It also has a different material, called mesh, which makes it more durable.

The leather on the bag is now much thicker, making it feel more solid and durable.

That’s because the material is much thinner and stronger than before.

The top flap of the Hermes has been updated to have a new color, but it’s still black.

The other major change is the addition of a new function: it will automatically add a new bag to your cart, so you can always buy more than you need, and there’s a dedicated space on the right side for a small bag that can be packed away.

You can also customize the bag to carry items that you don’t need, like your phone or your purse.

The bag will also come with a “free shipping” option, which will give you the same amount of shipping as a regular bag.

There’s no word on when this new model will be available.

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