‘Totally crazy’: eco bags are selling for $4,000 in Vancouver

A Vancouver company is offering eco produce bags at $4.50 apiece, but people are being warned about their health risks.

Eco produce bags are being sold on Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, including in the Lower Mainlands East and West, said Rob Prentice, owner of Eco Products Bags.

“We’re trying to encourage people to get out there and make the change to buy in the market place, and to see how well it works.”

The company also says that while they have received “overwhelming” interest in eco produce, it is not yet ready to sell the product at wholesale.

“I have to say, we’re totally crazy, right now,” Prentice said.

Prentice is selling eco produce bag at a price of $4 per bag.

“There’s a lot of different things to consider.

What is the quality of the bags, what’s the sealant, what is the water quality,” Prentices said.

“It’s not a consumer product.

It’s not going to get your health as good as the organic bags.”

Prentice says the eco produce is a good alternative to a bag made of paper, cardboard or plastic, but he is not selling them in the traditional fashion.

“You can buy the bags at Costco or any grocery store.

I’m just selling them locally,” Piers said.

People have also been buying bags from Eco Products Bag Co., and there is a lot going on with their business, Prentice added.

“They’re not the only one.

People are finding out that they can get a lot more out of these.” “

That’s why they are really doing well, I think.

People are finding out that they can get a lot more out of these.”

The Eco Products Group has been selling eco products for a number of years in B.C., but the market is growing in the Greater Vancouver market.

The company has grown from a small operation to about 1,500 employees, Piers added.

He hopes to continue to sell eco produce and bags locally and expand in the future.

“These are the new things, so we’re just getting started.

We’re still in a trial period, but we’ll see how it goes,” Penders said.

With files from CTV Vancouver’s Anna Marrs.

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