Why are some women opting for eco bags instead of eco makeup bags?

The cost of a $20 pair of cheap eco makeup bag is more than double that of the expensive $150 bags, according to a recent study by the New York Times.

The study found that for every dollar spent on eco makeup, women spent $1.50 on makeup bags. 

“People are buying eco bags to save money on makeup,” a New York City-based makeup artist, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Times.

“I have found it a lot easier to buy eco bags because it’s not the expensive stuff that I’d usually buy.” 

“The only time I’ll go shopping with a regular makeup bag on is if I’m doing a lot of makeup, because I don’t want to get all sticky or I can’t take off my makeup.” 

The makeup artist said she is more likely to shop with eco bags if she’s on a budget. 

The study, conducted by The Beauty Lab and the American Cosmetics Council, surveyed 500 women in the US and Europe and used data from online retailers like Amazon and Sephora.

It found that people who use eco bags are more likely than those who use regular makeup bags to use them daily, often on a weekly or monthly basis.

“People who buy eco makeup are often in the habit of buying their cosmetics on a regular basis, which means they’re spending less time shopping,” the study said. 

“[The women] spend more time making their makeup, which leads to more sticky ingredients.”

The study found a large difference in the cost of the makeup used by women who bought eco bags versus those who used regular makeup.

For example, for a $40 eco bag the cost was $2.13, whereas for a regular $150 bag it was $4.04. 

Researchers said the study is important because it shows how women are spending money on eco products and is helping to educate consumers on how eco bags can save money. 

However, it is not clear how many women are buying the products, or if this is a widespread phenomenon. 

A spokeswoman for Sephorack, which sells the brands, said the company was not aware of the study and that it is working on the study. 

Sephora also did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Another study, which looked at the cost to purchase an eco bag versus a regular beauty bag, found that the average cost to buy an eco beauty bag was $1,800 and $3,100 respectively. 

According to the study, eco makeup is cheaper than regular makeup because of the lower level of preservatives, less washing required, and the convenience of using a reusable bag. 

It also noted that the makeup products were often sold in bulk and could be difficult to find in a store.

“The main advantage of an eco makeup or eco bag is that you don’t have to pay for any of the ingredients,” the Beauty Lab said in a statement. 

While this study may suggest that people are opting for the eco bags over the regular ones, the study also showed that eco makeup was not as popular among women as it was among men. 

Women in the study had a lower awareness of cosmetics, according, the New Yorker. 

But the study found women were more likely still to buy regular makeup and use eco makeup. 

In the US, women aged between 18-44 were more than twice as likely as women aged 45-59 to have bought a regular or eco makeup kit, according the study by The American Cosmetic Institute and the Cosmetics Research Institute.

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