Microsoft announces new Windows 10 Pro features

Posted by Ars Technic on July 29, 2018 06:14:50 Microsoft announced some new Windows features today, including the ability to use the new Windows Hello system security technology, as well as the ability for companies to install and use cloud services on top of the operating system.

Microsoft has announced some of the new features that will be added to Windows 10 later this year, including an enhanced security mode, the ability of developers to add their own cloud apps, and the ability in the coming months to automatically sync and backup all your data.

Microsoft announced that its new security mode is designed to help developers protect their apps from the potentially harmful malware that can be introduced by a malicious user who attempts to log in to a Microsoft account.

The new security feature will let apps in your Windows 10 store install a special code to stop malicious users from accessing your app.

The code can also detect a number of malware and viruses that can potentially infect your app, so you’ll know when a malicious application is attempting to access your account.

The new security code can be activated by going to Settings > Security > Advanced Security settings, then choosing the “Customize security settings” option.

Microsoft is also introducing a new feature called “Secure Mode,” which will allow you to run apps in the background in a more secure mode.

This is similar to how it works on Android and iOS, and you can also turn on the security features by going into the “Advanced” tab of the Settings app.

Microsoft also announced a new set of security features, which includes a new option for companies who want to deploy cloud services to their existing Windows 10 customers.

They will be able to deploy the services to Windows Azure, Azure Data Services, or the Microsoft cloud and connect them to the Windows 10 PC to run them on the company’s hardware.

Microsoft is also announcing a new security option that lets companies manage their own network access to their Windows 10 devices, such as using an “automatically secure connection” feature that will connect to Azure and Windows Azure Data Service instead of using a public network.

Finally, Microsoft is announcing a number new cloud services that can help your customers take advantage of the Windows ecosystem.

These services include Azure Functions, Microsoft’s cloud-as-a-service, and Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is a platform that lets organizations and individuals use Azure to run their own apps, applications, and data.

The full list of new Windows feature announcements can be found in the full release notes.

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