How to avoid the eco-bag trap

A shopping bag, a shopping cart, a car-size bag or even a tiny backpack will be a breeze if you have the space to carry everything you need in a bag.

But, if you want to take things easy and save money, it can be easier to pack all your essentials in one place.

This is where the eco bag trap can come into play.

Here are five common reasons why you might want to pack more in your shopping bag than you need.


You want to travel light and avoid the dreaded backpacker bug. 

The trend is to pack everything you can in one bag.

The best way to pack the most weight into your bag is to put it into a mini backpack.

That way, when you’re traveling with your friends, you can have one extra bag for a few extra pounds.


You’re looking to keep your luggage in one location and not having to worry about finding a place to put the bags or finding a storage area. 

Some travelers, like me, prefer to store everything in one area.

But it’s not always that simple.

You might think that you can carry all your bags into one place with the right setup, but it can’t always be that easy.

For example, if your bag contains a backpack, it might be hard to find a space to put that backpack.

If your backpack contains a small bag, it may be easier if you carry the backpack in a small compartment.


You are looking to pack a lot of stuff into one space and you don’t want to clutter up your desk with bulky items. 

Many people who want to carry more than they need in their shopping bags end up packing the majority of their belongings in one spot. 

This can be frustrating for those who have large bags.

For example, it could take hours to unpack an entire case of clothes or bags, even if you only have two cases left.


You have a lot in your house and need a way to store it all. 

You might have a huge desk that needs a way for all your stuff to fit.

Or you might have to make a few adjustments when it comes to storing all your electronics.

There are lots of ways to make your house look tidy and organized, but sometimes you just want to be able to keep all your items organized.


You just want a simple, compact way to take care of your belongings.

If you’re like me and you have lots of stuff in your home and want to make sure it’s organized, you might not be able get away with the usual packing method.

You might have lots in your bag that you’re not sure how to keep organized, like a suitcase, a laptop, a printer or even your phone.

It can be hard, but you can find a way.

Here are five ways to keep everything organized.

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