‘Theres a new breed of ‘bulk-buying’ Indian woman with an eco bag’: Chanel

The latest Chanel fashion show is going to be a big hit with Indian women and men.

Chanel is launching an eco-friendly bag that will be available to buy in all its stores from August, when it is set to open in Delhi.

The bag is inspired by the concept of eco-baggage.

According to the brand, the bag will be made of organic cotton, polyester and other materials, including a mesh fabric to absorb rain and cold.

It is designed to last a year, and will be sold at a range of retailers.

Chanels is looking to bring the concept to the US, where its stores are already popular.

The bags are expected to hit stores in the next two months.

The company says that its eco-bag will be eco-certified and certified to the EU and US.

Its eco-conscious bags are made of recycled materials.

The brand says it has partnered with the Indian government and the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to ensure the quality of the bags.

The eco-chanel bags are the brainchild of the Chanel team.

The company says the eco- bag is made of natural materials and the bag is eco-compliant and is made from eco-tamper-resistant fabrics.

It comes in three colours, the eco black, eco white and eco grey.

Chanellos bags are designed to be eco friendly and have a water resistant design.

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