Why is the NHL so obsessed with eco bags?

The NHL, after all, is known for its obsession with environmentally friendly bags.

But now that the league is trying to rebrand its eco bag strategy, some are questioning its sustainability.

Ahead of this week’s NHL trade deadline, the league’s new owners are going through a process that could result in a more environmentally friendly bag.

The team says its eco bags are made from recycled paper and are designed to last up to 25 years, but some say they’re not up to the task.

In fact, some say the league should consider doing away with eco bag promotions altogether.

The NHL, which is one of the world’s largest sports leagues, has a long history of using eco bags.

In the 1980s, it had an initiative called the Eco-Bags Campaign, which promoted eco-friendly bags as part of the league and included a banner promoting the initiative.

A team spokesman told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in January that eco bags were the “best way to get more people to wear the green” and that the NHL was committed to eco-bags.

The league says it plans to launch its new eco bag campaign at the NHL All-Star Weekend in April.

But the league has been reluctant to embrace the idea of eco bags because it has a history of putting eco-bag promotions in the hands of some of its biggest sponsors.

For example, the NHL partnered with Amazon in 2014 to sell eco bags that could be used to make eco-inspired products, including hockey gear.

And in 2018, the team released a line of eco-packaged ice cream products.

The NBA has also long been a big supporter of eco bag campaigns.

The league recently introduced a green jerseys program that included eco bags and jerseys.

And last year, the NBA expanded its green jerseys campaign with eco-themed bags.

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