Mini eco bag with microfiber cloth and zippers: Amazon

Amazon has announced a new line of eco-friendly bags, all designed to reduce the environmental footprint of their packaging.

The eco bags include the Micro Eco Bag, which will contain just one small item (a tiny bag) that is then attached to a mini-fridge, while the Eco Micro Bag will contain the micro-frankenbund that contains an item.

The Micro Eco is the smallest eco bag and comes in three colors: blue, green and pink.

The Eco Micro is a larger eco bag that comes in black, grey and red.

Amazon also unveiled a new eco bag design that it is calling the Micro Tote.

This eco-inspired tote is made of microfibre cloth that is folded into the shape of a “tote,” and it comes in four sizes: 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL.

These eco bags will go on sale on Amazon’s online store on August 27th.

Amazon says the MicroTote is the “largest eco bag ever made.”

The company says that it will also begin shipping these eco bags in the coming weeks, but the actual price is yet to be announced.

The Amazon Micro Totes will also be available to pre-order.

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