How to get eco postage from your home to the post office

Indian Express | The eco postage bag can be used for shipping and is available at any Post Office.

But how to use it?

Read More , which is used for postal payments and is cheaper than a courier, but you have to buy the bag separately.

The Postal Service has launched a new e-postcard, the eco postage, which it says is an eco bag that can be folded in half and folded again for postal delivery.

The new bag comes with a folding screen to help it keep its shape, it says, and is printed on eco paper.

The eco postage costs Rs 500, while the courier’s will cost Rs 300.

The bag is available in two sizes: Small and Medium.

There are also other items available from the post offices, including paper rolls and postage stickers.

This is a large bag that comes with an adhesive sticker and can be rolled up and put into the post box.

This is also a popular option, but not everyone wants to fold it.

However, if you want to send the bag into the mail, you need to buy it separately.

The postal service says that you can send it in one of two ways: either as a separate parcel for Rs 500 and the postage will be sent to your address or you can keep it as a freebie and get Rs 200 back from the Post Office for free.

A similar eco parcel can be bought for Rs 300, but there are also some differences to this method.

For example, the postage on this parcel is a freebies but if you buy it individually, you will get the same postage but no postage at all.

The courier’s parcel will cost you Rs 300 and you will receive a free parcel of Rs 500.

So, the Postal Service offers a free package of Rs 300 if you keep it separate and use it for the postage.

Here are the key points:The eco postal bag is a foldable, plastic bag with a fold screen.

You need to pay Rs 500 for the eco parcel, which is also available at the Post Offices for Rs 200.

You will get a free eco parcel of € 200 for keeping it separately and you can get a postage sticker for Rs 400 for keeping the eco postcard.

The Eco postage costs a minimum of Rs 1,500 and can also be bought separately at the post counters.

The postage on the Eco parcel will be Rs 200, but if the postal service is a courier’s delivery service, it will cost more.

Here is how to fold the Eco postage:You need the adhesive sticker to fold this eco parcel.

The adhesive sticker is made of a sticky, green substance that can go on or off your fingers and your skin.

The adhesive stick can be rubbed or sprayed, depending on what you want.

The sticker can be purchased from the mail counters for Rs 1 and you have 30 minutes to apply the adhesive.

Once the adhesive has dried, you can then take the Eco postcard out of the envelope and fold it to get the postage, it adds.

The postage sticker comes with the option of being folded in two parts and then being folded again to get more postage, the post says.

You can fold the sticker in the same way as a regular postage envelope and send the parcel through the post to the Post office.

However you cannot send it to the mailbox because it is not registered as a postal service parcel.

You do not need to carry the Eco mailer, which has a large, flat, flat-screened screen.

The Post Office is currently running a campaign to encourage people to use eco mailers, which offer faster delivery times, to deliver their mail.

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