Eco bags grocery, Eco bags food

The eco bags are a grocery item in Australia that can be bought online and can be used in any grocery store, including your local one.

While they’re still not available in stores yet, the online grocery store says it has started accepting pre-orders.

The items are also used in eco-friendly products.

“They are environmentally friendly and are designed to help us reduce waste and to help you save money,” a company statement said.

“They will keep the planet in good health and help us be more sustainable in the future.”

Greenpeace Australia’s campaigner, Paul McGovern, said the eco bags had potential.

“We think that these bags are great for reducing waste, because they’re eco-bags, they’re not really reusable, they can’t be washed and they can only be used by themselves,” Mr McGovern said.

Mr McGovern also said the bags were a good option for consumers looking to buy their own food.

“The best thing is to be able to shop around and see what’s available and if it’s good for you,” he said.

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