Ottawa Senators unveil the new Eco Bag: The Ultimate In-Home Eco Bag

Eco Bag Chanel: The most eco-friendly eco bag ever.

It’s the ultimate in in-home bag for you and your family.

With a top-quality mesh fabric, it’s made with 100% recycled material.

The bag comes in two sizes, a small and a large.

The small is made with a lightweight, water-resistant fabric that won’t get wet.

The large is made of a more breathable fabric.

The design and materials are completely recyclable and eco-conscious.

Eco Bag Chamel: Made with a soft, stretchy, water resistant fabric, the Chamel bag is designed to be used on the go.

It features a top front flap that allows for easy access to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The Chamel is designed with a zipper that will allow you to easily access your accessories.

The zipper can also be adjusted for an extra secure, secured area.

Eco Bakery: This bag is made in the USA with recycled materials.

The Bakery Bag features a wide front flap for easy entry and access to your food.

It also features a mesh fabric that allows the bag to stay dry when not in use.

The Bag can be used to carry food and other essentials.

Eco Coffee: This is the first eco bag in the world made from recycled paper.

The Coffee Bag is designed so you can quickly bring coffee with you when you need to get some work done.

The coffee can be stored in the bag, and then used when you’re done.

Eco Dinnerware: This eco-centric kitchenware is made from 100% recyclables, including paper, plastic, and metal.

Eco Food: This can be found in most home kitchens, and is made by hand with a composting process.

Eco Kitchenware: Eco kitchenware makes your kitchen look clean, healthy, and sustainable.

Eco Tote: This Eco T-shirt features the Ottawa Senators logo on the front, which is made out of a polyester blend.

Eco Travel: This travel accessory includes a solar powered solar panel that converts waste heat into electricity.

Eco Smartphone: This smart phone uses energy from the sun to power the LED light.

Eco Camera: This smartphone uses energy to capture the sun’s light for use in the camera app.

Eco Wallet: This wallet comes with a microchip that allows you to track your transactions.

Eco Book: This book is designed in eco-literate design.

Eco Home: This home is made to last and is environmentally friendly.

Eco Desk: This table is made entirely of eco-recyclable material.

Eco Lamp: This LED light fixture is designed for eco-efficiency.

Eco Covered Floor: This floor is made up of eco materials that provide an easy clean.

Eco Laundry: This laundry is eco-efficient.

Eco Dishwasher: This dishwasher uses eco-saving energy to wash and dry items.

Eco Doorbell: This doorbell is made using eco-composted materials.

Eco Floor Cover: This covers the floor of the house with eco-grade materials.

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