When the Snoopy eco-bag becomes a grocery item, we’ll need to rethink our grocery shopping habits

When you see the “snoop” tag on your new Snoopy-branded eco bag — as well as the “eco” tag that appears on many of the bags sold by Amazon and Walmart — you might assume that it’s an Amazon or Walmart product.

But when you get your hands on one of these bags, you might notice that the bag doesn’t contain the Snoop Dogg trademark.

The bags are not actually Amazon products, and the “Snoop Doggs” brand name appears only on a small sticker that appears in the bag.

That sticker has not been removed, nor is it part of the Snoopes “sneopop” brand.

It’s possible that this sticker is part of a longstanding dispute between Amazon and Snoopy over ownership of the trademark for “Sneopod” on the packaging.

But Snoop’s lawyers, who have fought to stop Amazon and its retailers from using the “Dogg” name on their products, aren’t about to let that stand.

They filed a lawsuit last month, claiming that Amazon and some of its competitors have illegally used the Snoops “sniopy” name to trademark the name for a line of products sold at Amazon.com and its Amazon Prime Instant Video service.

In the lawsuit, the lawyers cite Amazon’s use of the name on packaging for a “SNOOP PODG” bag that includes a Snoopy logo, and that it is used to market a Snoop-branded Snoopy Snoopy bag that has Snoopy logos and an Amazon logo.

The Snoop logo is also on the top of the bag, along with the Amazon logo, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit also claims that Amazon is using the Snoopers’ name in an advertising campaign for a Snoops line of “Sniopy-brand” products.

The suit also names as defendants Amazon.ca, a Seattle-based e-commerce site that sells products including Snoop bags, Snoop apparel, and Snoop clothing.

“The Snoop bag is not Amazon’s exclusive product line,” the lawsuit claims.

“Snoropy has already launched several other products from Amazon and is working with Amazon to launch more.”

Amazon has denied that the bags are made by Snoopy and the trademark is not part of its exclusive Snoopy line.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a statement, Amazon spokesman John C. Murphy wrote, “We have never been affiliated with Snoopy.”

Snoop has been in the spotlight for years after a number of controversies surrounding his use of Snoop and the band’s music.

In 2006, Snoopy accused the rapper of using drugs, which he denies.

In 2010, Snoops former girlfriend, actress Miley Cyrus, filed for divorce from him after a year of dating.

And in 2015, Snoopers son, Snoope Jr., was arrested on drug possession charges after he reportedly drove a rental car with a marijuana growler and marijuana paraphernalia.

But those arrests have been dropped.

In 2016, Snoopes son, the rapper Snoop Jr., tweeted that he would be leaving Snoop once the divorce proceedings were over.

“I will be out of jail in a few months,” Snoop wrote.

“If I don’t get my life together and get it back on track, I don`t know what will.”

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