How to save $10K in gas costs by buying eco bags from Target & Target Exclusive

Target has launched its own eco-bag store in Orlando, Fla., and the company is giving away some $10,000 worth of eco-bags.

The new eco-store is a mix of a few different retailers, Target announced.

Target has also partnered with eco-conscious stores in China, India, and Thailand to create an eco-friendly assortment of eco bags.

The Eco-Bags range in price from $6.99 for $5 eco-bag to $8.99 and $13.99.

Target will donate $5 of each bag to the Orlando Water Foundation, which helps fight global water pollution.

“We’re excited to partner with Target to give back to our communities and to help support local charities,” said Elizabeth H. King, president and CEO of the Orlando Watershed Protection Project, which promotes clean water and healthy food.

“Our community is in desperate need of clean water.”

The Orlando Water Trust will use the proceeds from the sale of the eco-Bag to support water quality education.

Target plans to provide eco-related gift cards to the people of Orlando to help make up for the $10k it is spending on its eco-stores.

“The Orlando Watership Center is one of the best places in the country to get clean water, and Target is leading the way in providing clean water to our community,” said Scott Stearns, director of the Watershed Restoration Program at the Orlando Aquarium.

“The $10 million in donated eco- bags will make a huge difference in people’s lives and will help our aquarium and local communities continue to be resilient in times of crisis.”

Target has also launched an online store to promote the eco bags, where people can purchase their bags for $6 or $10.

The company is offering the eco bag through its online store.

Target said it is committed to helping people understand how to use eco-tools to clean water.

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